Brabantia Touch Bin with Fingerprint Proof Lid (30 L, Black)
649 SAR

Product Overview

  • Touch Bin with Fingerprint Proof Lid is a must for any living room, kitchen or hobby room
  • The 'Soft-touch' closing ensures easy and light operation, making opening the bin a joy
  • The unique hinge design takes care that the lip opens silently without any disturbing clattering noise
  • The bin has an easy to clean and remove inner plastic bucket and a removable stainless steel lid unit for easy bin liner change
  • The inner bucket is facilitated with special ventilation holes which allows air to escape when you insert the bin liner
  • The Touch Bin is made of corrosion resistant material and has a plastic protective rim which prevent damage to the floor
  • It has a sturdy handle that makes the Touch Bin easy to move even when full
  • The bin comes with a complementary pack of bin liners with size-G tie-tapes that fit perfectly without any ugly over wrap
  • Available in a sleek matt black color, the Touch Bin is a functional and aesthetic addition to your contemporary kitchen


  • 1 Touch Bin with Fingerprint Proof Lid at 30 L