Gardena Classic Cleaning Nozzle (7 × 2 × 8 cm)

60 SAR

Product Overview

  • Gardena Classic Cleaning Nozzle with Flow Control offers everything you need for cleaning and watering jobs in and around the garden
  • The innovative, integrated technology ensures free-flowing water in every weather. The infinitely adjustable flow regulation lets you adjust the water flow rate which is ideal for your purpose
  • The soft plastic ring on the head protects the nozzle from damage. Its hard jet function is suitable for cleaning, while the fine mist function is ideal for spraying fragile plants
  • If the water flow is to be continuous, you can lock the pulse trigger so that to prevent fatigue while watering your plants
  • Ergonomically & functionally design


  • 1 Classic Cleaning Nozzle at 7 × 2 × 8 cm