Hi-Wood Base Molding B90-S4 (Cream Silver, 240 x 9 cm)

72 SAR
20 SAR
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Product Overview

  • Made from the highest quality of framing material, this molding is high pressure treated, polystyrene (dyuropolimera) and coated with a decorative film that mimics the effects of marble or stone (gilding, patina etc.)
  • Crown molding is also called cornice molding and is installed sprung (angled)
  • It is used to cover the intersection where the walls and the ceiling meet - usually over a large angle
  • Hi-Wood Crown Molding is made of a fully completed finishing material and does not require further finishing
  • This molding will add an attractive touch to outside corners, both in rooms and on exteriors
  • Install it as is, color it bright white, or paint it to your liking
  • Adding molding to your home or office adds a nice finishing touch


  • 1 Base Molding B90-S4 at 240 x 9 cm


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