Holman Misting System Kit (7 m)

129 SAR
Holman Misting System Kit (7 m)
129 SAR
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Product Overview

  • Holman Misting System Kit is designed for hot summers
  • It is perfect to cool down patios, recreation & pet areas
  • It is also ideal for watering greenhouses because the super fine spray does not damage your plants or seedlings
  • Super easy installation lets you have the Misting System up and running within a few minutes
  • You can simply expand your Misting System using the 4 Metre Expansion Kit


  • 1 Misting Hose at 7 m; 15 Hose Clamps with Masonry; 15 Misting Tees
  • 1 Misting Elbow; 5 Brass & Stainless Steel Misting Nozzles; 1 Tee Connector
  • 1 Elbow Connector
  • 1 Misting Filter
  • 1 Misting Adaptor
  • 1 Auto Drain Valve