InterDesign Pebble Protective Kitchen Sink Mat (27 x 31 cm, Clear)
25 SAR

Product Overview

  • InterDesign Pebble Protective Kitchen Sink Mat safeguards your precious kitchen items, so you can clean them and keep each item in one piece
  • It is made of flexible PVC that hugs the contours of the sink so that you don’t get annoying folds and creases
  • The design is crafted to leave holes all over the mat through which water and debris can pass through
  • The mat can easily be cleaned and lightly bleached to remove stains
  • It comes in a unique design featuring interconnected flowers, and blends well with the rest of your kitchen décor
  • The mat can be cut to fit smaller kitchen sinks


  • 1 Kitchen Sink Mat at 27 x 31 cm


  • Material
  • Dimensions
    27 x 31 cm