Masons Timber Plane Square-Edged Pine molding (3.4 × 1.2 × 240 cm)
31 SAR

Product Overview

  • Plane Square-Edged Pine molding is used to give a room or the whole house character and personality by creating the illusion of more space and providing a touch of elegance and quality
  • Makes for an element that can easily enhance home design without you having to splurge on cost
  • Comes in a plane square-edge slab that is 2.4 m in length
  • Pinewood construction makes the molding strong, resilient, resistant to decay and rot and easy to nail through
  • Pinewood molding also has a natural decorative look and can be treated and stained to suit varied tastes
  • Strong, resilient, resistant to rot & decay
  • Natural decorative look; can be stained to any preferred color
  • Easy and cost-effective home design elements


  • 1 Plane Square-Edged Pine molding at 3.4 × 1.2 × 240 cm