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If you find a lower price on an identical item from a local competitor based in KSA (including delivery and installation fees), then simply show us the competitor’s current ad with the price in the form of a printout or photo on a smartphone, and we will match it.

How do I request a Price Match in store?

Just present the details of the item and proof of the price you want to match at our Customer Service desk or to any sales associate. Once the details you provided are verified, your Price Match will be processed.
Please note: the store manager or the customer care representative processing the Price Match request for a purchase have the final decision for matching a price.

I found an item online with a price that’s lower than what is offered on Homeworks. How can I request a Price Match for this item?

To request a Price Match for an online item, simply call our Customer Care Centre at 800-111-1780 or send an email to customerservice.ksa@homeworks.com.. Don’t forget to provide details of the item as well as proof of the price you want to match.

What if I find a cheaper price after I’ve made a purchase?

If you’ve already bought a product from us and then found it cheaper elsewhere, we will refund you the difference within 30 days of your original purchase. Simply bring a proof of the lower price to your nearest Homeworks store or call the Customer Care Centre at 800-111-1780 and follow the instructions to complete the Price Match request.

What do you mean by a local competitor?

A local competitor is someone who sells similar products to us and operates within KSA. They must be a recognised retailer who has a physical and online retail store, which is freely open to public in KSA. They must stock a reasonable range of goods for customers to buy and take away and/or get delivered, with clearly displayed prices.

What qualifies as a proof of price when requesting a Price Match?

Any of the following documents qualify as proof of price:

  • A local competitor’s advertisement whether in digital or printed form or a photo/photocopy of the ad
  • A local competitor’s online price shown through your mobile device
Please note: Price Match will also take into account any delivery and installation fees applicable.

Does an item have to be in stock to qualify for a Price Match?

Yes, the item has to be in stock at the competitor’s store or on their website, as well as at a Homeworks store or on homeworks.com

Are there any items that are not eligible for Price Match?

The following items are not eligible for Price Match:

  • Used items
  • Items sold on auction websites and international stores or websites
  • Items sold on classifieds or in closing-down sales

Can Price Match be applied on products sold on marketplace websites?

Yes, if they meet the following requirements:

  • They are fulfilled by the same website or brand
  • The warranty is provided by the brand’s authorized partner
Products, warranties, delivery and assembly fees sold or provided by third-party vendors on marketplace websites are not eligible for Price Match

What is a bundle of products and is it eligible for Price Match?

A bundle of products is when multiple items are sold together under one price. Bundles are eligible for Price Match if they meet the following requirements:

  • It is publicly available to all customers in KSA
  • The items in the bundle (including free items) are identical to the items sold by Homeworks

What about promotions?

If a competitor is running a very short-term promotion, we will match their price as long as it is an identical product and is in stock at their stores or website, as well as in Homeworks stores or website at the time the Price Match is requested.

Homeworks reserves the right to modify the terms of this policy at any time